Charged with Violating Your Probation in Virginia?

Get Experienced Legal Help with Probation Violations

probation violation of a requirement of a Virginia criminal matter is very serious. You are at real risk of going to jail or being re-sentenced on the original criminal charges, with much harsher penalties.

If a warrant for your arrest has been issued, or you’ve been called to a probation violation hearing, you can not afford to take this lightly. Please call us or contact us for a consultation immediately, and we will help you work out your options, and try to negotiate a reasonable resolution for you.

You need an experienced criminal attorney to make every argue for you, and work the system on your behalf. We can talk to your probation officer who may be a witness in the hearing, and offer additional character witnesses to explain that whatever happened to violation your probation was a one-time mistake, and that you deserve another chance.

An experienced attorney can make a big difference in a probation violation case. An attorney who is familiar with the court procedures, the judges and the district attorneys will know what proposals are likely to work, and which ones won’t.

What is a Probation Violation?

A violation of your probation is simply any behavior or action during a probationary period after a criminal charge that is required by the Virginia courts as a condition of a criminal sentence.

Some possible violations are: not communicated with your probation officer, drug or alcohol use if prohibited after a DUI or drug case, not attending required meetings, counseling, or community service, and getting arrested for another different or similar charge.

Free Legal Case Evaluation on a Probation Violation Charge in Virginia

If you’re facing a probation violation hearing in a Virginia criminal court, please contact us for a legal consultation. Our attorneys have years of experience in all criminal court procedures for probation violations.

We know the law, the procedures, the courts, the clerks, and the judges. And we can help you work through the case to try to get you second chance, the minimum penalties, get bail reduced, and a wide variety of other benefits for you.

So please call us at (877) 439-2999 and find out what we can do to help. There’s no risk, and no cost for the advice.