Virginia Driving on a Suspended License Charge?

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There are often innocent reasons why you were driving on a suspended license. Many people don’t know that their license is under suspension until they are pulled over by the police and arrested.

You many not have received the notice of suspension due to moving, or other circumstances. This is common, especially in cases of suspension for multiple DMV demerit points, such as from speeding tickets or other infractions. And it’s also possible that the suspension was simply and administrative mistake.

Claiming not to have received notice is not a defense by itself, but there are often other legal defense strategies we can pursue to keep your record clean and keep your freedom to drive.

Whether your charge was wrong and you want to fight to keep your record clean, or you make a mistake after a suspension from a previous traffic incident, DUI, or drug possession charge, you need a Virginia lawyer with experience fighting license and traffic offenses to help you. Call us now at (877) 439-2999 or contact us.

VA Penalties for Driving on A Suspended License

Typically, the penalty for driving on a suspended license starts at an additional suspension of the same period from the original cause of the suspension. There are also often additional fines and penalties, including possible jail time.

The exact penalties if you are found guilty of driving on a suspended license in Virginia can depend on the original reason for the suspension, and the length of time that your license is under suspension at the time of the incident.

For example, a third (3rd) offense conviction on driving on a suspended license due to a DUI charge has a mandatory minimum jail sentence of one year.

Free Legal Consultation for Driving on Suspended License in VA

Please call our Virginia defense attorneys now to go over your case. We’ll tell you the exact penalties you are facing for your offense, and discuss your options for fighting the charges, or working out a deal to keep the most serious consequences and penalties off the table. So call us now at (877) 439-2999 to take advantage of our consultation on your Virginia suspended license or other criminal traffic charge.

For more information about license suspension issues, please refer to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles license suspension and revocation page.

If you are accused of driving while your license has been suspended or revoked in Virginia, call me now to schedule a no-obligation, no-risk, free consultation at (877) 439-2999. We will talk to you about your case, and let you know exactly what we can do to help.


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